Brighton Pine Bugle Title Page

The Brighton Pine Bugle was published in the summer of 1936 and perhaps in 1935 also, but no copies remain for that year.

It was composed of tongue in cheek stories about people in the village, visitors in camp, poetry, short stories, activities at the stables, an occasional piece of news, gems of advice from "Aching Auricles", sarcasm directed at inconsequential rival papers: The Salt Lake Tribune and Telegram, and considerable promotion of the "Biggest event of the season"; the Pine Nuts Ball, to be held on July 29 at the Balsam Inn.

The Bugle was the brainchild of Frank Whitney, Jr, then 15 years old and the grandson of Horace G. Whitney, a long time manager of the Deseret News. Frank's "staff" consisted of Dick Morris (21), Editor-In-Chief; Duster Richardson (age unknown) and 8 year old "Buck Rogers" columnist Dick Whitney, Frank's youngest brother.